Follow-up Medicals, Certificate of Aeromedical Fitness Class 1

With the exception of the extended optical examinations, the medicals are carried out at the Aeromedical Center Austrian in accordance with the EU guidelines. Details of the validity of the medical and the respective medicals necessary can be found in the Certificate of Fitness.

We offer the following medicals at the Aeromedical Center Austrian:

  • In-depth physical examination
  • Electrocardiogram or ECG (at appropriate intervals, or as indicated)
  • Pulmonary function as indicated
  • Optical examination
    Wearers of glasses and/or contact lenses with > + / - 3 dioptres also need to undergo a comprehensive examination by an optician.
    Where the refraction error is:
    • Up to +5/-6 dioptres, this must have been taken within the past 60 months
    • More than +5/-6 dioptres, this must been taken within the past 24 months
  • Ear, nose and throat examination with audiometry - at appropriate intervals or as indicated
  • Laboratory medicals
  • Other medicals as indicated